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Monday, May 01, 2006


I love this Feature, I really love it

Aspnet_regiis -ga MachineName\user1

This command gives user1 privileges to access the IIS metabase . In short it
gives this account permissions so it can now be an identity of an
application pool in IIS .
In v1.1 we don't have this switch (-ga) . So I used to grant all the rights
and permissions manually ...

I love the ga switch :)

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I like your blog! I found answers to a bunch of problems I'm having in my current project!

Btw, I've installed a WS on two WS2k3 servers and used the aspnet_regiis -ga to grant access to our service account. As you might know, there is a local group on the IIS 6.0 machine called IIS_WPG that contains all the service accounts that runs the application pools. I've drawn the conclusion that aspnet_regiis -ga, among other things adds the service account to this group.

However, on the first machine the IIS_WPG group has R, W and E access rights to c:\windows\temp and on the other machine it didn't have it until I fixed it. (If it doesn't have these rights ASP.NET throws an exception complaining about not being able to create temporary files in that directory)

Do you know if this granting of rights to IIS_WPG is supposed to be a manual step or is there some tool that does it automatically?

Regards, Daniel
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