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Friday, September 22, 2006


BizTalk Rules Parameters not Appearing in CallRules Shape in Orchestration :

i spend some quite time figuring out what was the problem , so i would like to share this with everyone.

after i created a rule in Biztalk rule composer , i created an orchestration with a callrules shape that points to the rule i created , but no properties appear in the window. i want to add a message as an input .

Solution : the "fully qualified name" for schema must = document type for a fact

1- go to the schema1.xsd file that you have created initially and built your facts on

2- highlight the .xsd file in solution explorer

3- copy the "fully qualified name" property value from the properties window

4- goto your vocabularies

5- create a fact based on XML schema

6- in the fact definition window , in the document type property : paste the "fully qualified name"

if you have already published your vocabulary , copy and create a new version , and then create new rules based on the new vocabulary . you will notice the vocabulary version in the properties window

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