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Friday, November 25, 2005


Dynamic ports and muli-port/IP listener in SQL 2005

In the configuration manager , you can configure SQL 2005 to listen on
multiple Ips , and even more you can make it listen to multiple ports on the
same IP (1440,1450,1460) , but in this case you have to make "listen ALL =

Moreovere you can configure the server to have dynamic port , so when the
service is strating , it asks the OS for an available port, opens an
endpoint for that port.
SQL Server Browser monitors the ports, and direct incoming connections to
the right port for specific instance.
So what happens if SQLBrowser is off ? Of course clients must provide the
right IP and port otherwise they cannot connect.
So sql browser acts as a resolution for instance name to their ports .
The client send a UDP msg to port 1434 with the name of the instance , the
sql browser replies with the port.

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