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Monday, October 10, 2005



i heard alot about wiki i always want to know what is really a wiki .
so languistically speaking  : wiki is a huwai'ian keyword which means "Quick"
In Hawai'ian repeated words provide emphasis, so WikiWiki means very quick
That makes a WikiWikiWeb a very quick way to create web-based content.

from a Technical Technical perspective , you can consider a wiki like a dashboard or a white board but instead of only one person writing on it , no there can be multiplie persons from all over the world can be writing on it , and modification to the text on the white board it tracked to his modifier. so it is amix between chatting , collaboration and discussion board .

let's take an example

  1. go to http://www.flexwiki.com/

  2. alomst every page you see from now on is a complete wiki and it is called a topic. for example the first link in the page in the right section is pointing to http://www.flexwiki.com/default.aspx/FlexWiki/WikiWiki.html, please click on it

  3. this opened web page now is a topic using the wiki methodologies

  4. let's say you need to change the page , you need to add your own text on that page or change or delete. simply double click any where on any white space portion on that page

  5. now we are inside wiki editor

  6. change the text freely and please have a look on the right pane, where you can change your contribution change "Name" and change templates and then click save

  7. the previous page is back now but with your change which is exposed to any one in the world. you can try this yourself bu opening the same page now from another computer

  8. for example lets say that i need to track all changes not that has happened to that page, i can simply click on show changes on the left . it will show me all the changes to that page

  9. a very great feature is also the "recent changes" from the left pane , click on that . you can now see all the changes to the current namespace and you can even filter by author. let's filter by my name for example "Hussein". click in the combo box "Authors" and click "H" in the keyboard then down to "Hussein Computer"

so now for any site , we should have a wiki just to post our own comments about the site , these comments might be questions , answers , notes , summary , etc....

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